Our still shots are clean, crisp and perfect to post or put on display in the real world, but sometimes, you need to share that "you had to be there" moment with more than a still shot and we have just what you need - Welcome to the Social Spot!  Share the Concepts Photo Booth experience with social media ready GIFs and Boomerangs.  Custom overlays and digital props enhance the experience and the best part is that this booth can be the main event or an added feature to your still shot package!  Have friends and family who just aren't into social media yet - that's OK!  Our booths are still down with email!


Single Photos, Filters, GIFs and Boomerangs straight to your phone!  

Social Media Ready!  Text & Email!


Once we customize the template for your event, your custom template is layered over every photo, GIF and Boomerang!